Skyglyph ( ) - Aerial scouting Cloud platform

Skyglyph's main business is the development of cloud based software and industrial surveillance solutions that transform drones into concise instruments for deployment in a wide range of business use cases. Their solutions are designed to bridge the gap between drone technologies and user requirements. Skyglyph simplifies the scouting process and the management of flight control, asset mapping, site monitoring, data transfer and visual result interpretation. They excel in the professional interpretation of images via the generation of comprehensive analytical and recommended actions reports that can be applied to a variety of survey use case requirements. Skyglyph collects, consolidates & analyzes aerial information from drones for professional purposes. Their state of the art software, industrial surveillance and analytical solutions transforms drones into smart instruments for various industrial applications.

Skyglyph first industrial application, allows insurance companies to integrate drones easily in their business processes. Insurers can use Skyglyph to detect crop and property damages from images, collected by drones. Thereby accelerating claim processing, saving money and avoiding fraud.