1.    Data Visualization Platform that transforms drones into concise instruments for deployment in a wide range of business use cases, designed to bridge the gap between drone technologies and user requirements. Our platform simplifies the scouting process and the management of flight control, asset mapping, site monitoring, data transfer and visual result interpretation. The platform  collects, consolidates & analyzes aerial information from drones for professional purposes. In agriculture vertical, the platform allows insurance companies to integrate drones easily with business processes. Insurers can use our platform to detect crop and property damages from images, collected by drones, hereby accelerating claim processing, saving money and avoiding fraud.
Summary Features
  • Data unification from several sensors and drones 
  • Dashboard according to different use cases - Capability of generating Heat and  3D maps, bitmaps and topography maps
  • Real time information display - Capabilities to see images and data in real time and real time video streaming. 
  • AI and ML - Identification of specific situations based on the sensor and camera images, capability of detecting physical assets and anomalies’ detection
Integration Capabilities
Integration of drones and sensors from different manufacturers, APIs for integration with other industry solutions for sensor data processing and APIs for integration with corporate CRMs, ERPs 

Syngenta, Generali, Vereinigte and  Hagel are some of the large industry customers.

2.    Drone Fleet Management Platform that integrates drones into business workflows and manages fleet operations. Working with our partner Avision, we offer current industry experience integrating various drones, integration with US and European aviation authorities to automatize flight processes, open API for easier integration with other industry solutions, corporate CRMs, ERPs.
          It has the following main features:
  • Overall Control of BVLOS flight
  • Remote drone control (single or fleet) from iClone International Command and Control center
  • Drone and mission configuration
  • Platform provides:
  • Detailed Pre-Flight and Flight Information
  • Secured Data Storage
Working with NASA, the  technology was utilized since 2015, working on UTM technical capability levels and operationalizing leading USS solution. Avision is a premier global supplier of airspace technology for UTM as well as a certified USS provider in the USA. In addition, we offer commercial and government customers a mobile App and lightweight SaaS solution for integrating, managing, and simplifying drone operations.
3.    iClone Lifeguard  (Medical/Veterinarian Preservation System) - Personalized loss prediction and prevention platform. LifeGuard helps to continuously monitor person’s/animal’s livelihood data to better assess its condition and correctly identify the most critical immediate care necessary to safeguard the life.
Platform provides:
  • Continuous monitoring of person’s/animal’s medical condition with sensors and AI technology
  • AI and Machine learning Data optimization
  • On Site Urgent/Emergency life preservation
  • Several unique applications are combined in LifeGuard.
  • 3D Avatar – 3D continuously updated patient’s medical information display including text entries, lab results, and medical images. 
  • Telemedical Center – 24/7 Access to Doctors/Veterinarians around the Globe to provide necessary Care
  • Revolutionary in the field of biomedical engineering, patented SPBD, portable or stationary, accesses medical state and maintains life stability by:
    •  Predicting, Monitoring (Stage 1) and Treating (Stage 2) chronic diseases
    • Controlling sudden changes in major life-threatening physiological parameters

LifeGuard Personal Preservation System (PPS)

Preventative Component

Next Generation (NG) Medical - socially-oriented and collaborative cloud-based software solution for patients, physicians and clinics

Acute Component

Monitor and communicate all activities in public safety/emergency vehicles dispatched to the scene of a disaster.

Customer's Cloud:

• People at high risk for disease exposure

• Patients with chronic diseases

• Primary care physicians/Specialists

• Hospitals

• Insurance companies

Markets-Foreign and Domestic

• Emergency care

• Military - Communication and life preservation between Forward/Base/Specialty hospitals

• Disaster relief