Company Overview

iClone Robotics Inc is a USA AI (Artificial Intelligence) Applications Company with headquarters in Suffolk County, New York. The company established its network globally, constantly expanding its presence.

International Headquarters are set up in Paris, France to cover EMEA, Middle East and Africa markets.

iClone Echo System is Unique:

  • Hands-on Industry Experience
  • Unique robotic applications
  • Connectivity – NB-IoT, LTE-M, 3G, 4G, 5G

Several Business Verticals:

  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary – Farm Animal Safety
  • Medical - Public Safety
  • Insurance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial Security

Open Simplified Data Sharing:

  • Accelerated development due to focus on clearly defined deliverables
  • Customer Features’ Flexibility
  • International Control and Command center
  • Management experience working with large Telecommunication companies